Long time, no siege! Over 3 weeks now. Time flies by, when you are busy. This is just an update post of what’s been going on. First of all I’m sorry it took me so long to get back here. For my defense my laptop was toast for the better part of it. The system totally broke down, so I had to reinstall it. Even after that, it kept crashing randomly every hour or so. After a few days I loathed even the thought to turn it on and do some work. After two weeks I figured out the reason – a third party modified USB3 component in my laptop that made native windows drivers crash for whatever reason. I found an iffy driver for it, and I haven’t had a crash in a week. So I was back doing more interesting stuff!

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Help with finding weird games?

helpWhat I wanted to ask today, is your help! Anybody reading this. I still have a few ideas I didn’t write about and problems I wanted to get to the bottom of, but at this rate I will run out of ideas soon. I am still relatively new to the game. I don’t know all the strategies. Watching tournament games only taught me, how to play meta – safe and well-tested builds and strategies. It got to a point, when I would just much rather watch random games I can get my hands on. From time to time I stumble upon an interesting strategy, that goes against the meta, but only a few. These are games I am really interested in! If you come across one, please, let me know!

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Let’s get ready to rumble!

So, first post… It’s always hard to start doing new stuff. It’s even harder to keep doing it and keep coming back to it. Over the years I’ve played a couple of games, but none of them could suck me in for a longer period of time.

That is until Microsoft decided to make a reboot of the old Age of Empires II series and release it on Steam. I only played that game as a kid, as everyone. Only a couple of times with people. Then one thing led to another, and WW3 broke out…. Just kidding. No. I played with a couple of friends, and found out people were still playing it. Even competitively.

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