22 pop forward


Byzantines are my current civ in my barbie quest. Byzantines are probably one of the worst civilizations to drush with. They get no eco bonus or military bonus to help their drush. Byzantines have their strength early game starting feudal in cheap trash units. So I wanted to do something like fast feudal this time and I also wanted to try something new (at least for me), and not just a 23 pop double archery range. It’s really hard to defend initially against barbie early feudal age, when he does 21 pop up double range and pumps out 20+ units instantly with his cheated extra resources. So I wanted to try forwards this time. It’s a bit cheating if I do a tower as well… But oh well, barbie is cheating, too.

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Drush-flush 2 ranges (28 pop)

drush + 2 ranges

In my quest beating the hardest barbie, with the britons I wanted to try a new build/tactic. Britons have strong scout rushes and drush to fast castle, but I already did scouts with the huns and drush+fast castle against hardest barbie is suicide – for me at least. Because of his cheating the initial amount of units in early feudal is staggering. No, no fast castle yet. I wanted to try drush and flush tactics. In a mirror setup it’s not the strongest strategy with britons, but in a non-mirror setup the faster working archery ranges (20% faster ranges team bonus) makes this strategy viable, I think.

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One more week losing to barbie

I give up for now. After the last win I didn’t manage to win a single game. I just get more and more angry. Barbie has to have really bad map, so I can raid. If his gold or wood is back, his initial surge of 30 units is just too much for me to handle. I’m basically forced to go counter units in the beginning. Until I get enough of them, to clear him out, I get delayed too much to castle. If I didn’t manage to raid his gold hard until that point, I’m basically screwed.

I really see no point to force this quest of mine at the moment. Hardest just cheats too much, so I can’t play against it like I would play against a normal human. True, my multitasking does get better, but it’s not worth the frustration. Plus it might teach me bad habits. I think I’ll stick to hard for now in my quest. Only switch to hardest, if it gets too easy. The point of this quest was to go through all civs, learn them properly and practice their strongest strategies.

Sorry for the depressing post and the lack of posts in general. Hope that will change soon 🙂

A win at last vs barbie


Sunday I finally won against the barbie. It was a weird one. It was already quite late, and I just wanted to give it one more try halfheartedly. I didn’t even try too much. I was quite tired and I think that I played even very sloppy: lots of idle time, bad uptime, not enough resources, not even my best scouting, bad timing of ranges, forgot to make spear-man to defend, etc. This I say, not to take away anything how awesome the barbie AI is. Just that compared to my previous tries, I didn’t feel I did my best.The only thing I did better this time I believe was army control and choosing fights I’m sure I’ll win. In the end it was 1 lost unit to 4 killed. I wonder if moments like this mean, that it “clicked” for me.

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A week losing to barbie

It’s been a week, since I decided to make use of my scarce free time to practice AoE2 against hardest Barbie. Incidentally I played more in total than the previous weeks. Having a goal really helps to motivate. It’s been a long week, and I think I learned a lot. I still can’t win with a clean scout into archers strategy, but I think I’m on a good track. (Sorry guys, no math or expert plays this time). My week went like this:

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Hardest barbie quest


Lately I’ve been quite busy and got to my home pc and aoe very unreliably for half an hour or hour at best. That’s about the time I watch a recording, or play one quick game against the AI or write up something real fast. Unfortunately this doesn’t seem will change in the near future, so I decided to do a quest: beat the hardest barbarian AI at least once with every civ team-random with different strategies (without any cheesy ones). Playing against the AI is not the best practice, but I think it’s quite good to practice speed, consistency, massing units, multi-tasking and army control. All areas, where I believe I lack skill. The best thing though, that it shouldn’t take much time, and I’m not going to piss off anyone online by quitting suddenly…

I think I’ll start with huns and doing a build clemensor thought me: 8-10 scouts to archers to cav archers. I will post the recs here, once I’m done, but no guarantees when. The longest I could stay alive so far and still believed I had a chance was around 30 minutes. So it’s going to be hard. I really hope I can do this :D. Let me know if you have any tips!