Mining gold for drush-fast castle?


Next up in my quest against barbie are the aztecs. From what I’ve seen there is much less variance in strategy with aztecs compared to huns. Most people just drush into a fast castle with crossbows, then boom and elite eagle warriors or jaguar warriors. I’ve seen builds going 34 population (28 vills + 1 eagle scout + 5) or even 36 pop. A good example of this is the WSVG game Daut vs PL_Barles . They didn’t go straight fast castle, but even though barles went 36 pop and daut 34, both of them clicked feudal around the same time. The interesting thing for me was that they both sent 5 villagers to gold. Most of the build orders I’ve seen used only 4. True, they both wanted to do man-at-arms as well, so probably that’s why the extra villager. But I already wanted to see some numbers, just like with my previous post about gathering stone for a castle.

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Mining for castle drops

castle_questionI still don’t feel much like playing. Coughing too much. At least more math stuff. I have seen a topic on aoczone asking about a build order for castle drops. It’s something that I actually wanted to research as well. First though, I wanted to figure out some timing related problems with it. Usually, I can’t really tell how many villagers should I put on stone, and when, so that I can afford castles. It’s quite a long term commitment to mine that much stone. It’s really hard to guess right and I don’t want to follow build orders blindly. Now, to the calculus machine!

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# villagers building town center vs time

build_tcFinally got better and my brain cells crave for being used! As a warmup for today, let’s consider the following situation: you are on land nomad. You are chinese. How many villagers do you use to build your town center and how many you leave on gathering resources? Another situation: you are booming. How many villagers do you use to build extra town centers?

From the top of my head: the more villagers building the better in the long run, right? Because you can get extra villagers out sooner. But! Initially you would gather more resources with the villagers working instead of building. On top of this, building times scale logarithmically with the number of builders (the more builders, the less the effect of one extra villager building). This means it should take longer and longer time, when the investment of using more villagers to build the TC will come back. Where is the point in time, where you start feeling the benefits of more builders?

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Man-at-arms and the Lanchester’s Laws

Battle_najera_froissartYesterday I might have went overboard with the whole testing stuff. I just got excited about the whole simulation script. Numerous times during the testing I was faced with the problem: when does it get cost-effective to do some upgrade? Is there a formula or a speculative calculation, that would tell, when is a good time to upgrade stuff? If I am going man-at-arms without drush, when will it be worth it to queue more militia and when it would be better to research man-at-arms?

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Man-at-arms vs the world

After the last post about man-at-arms, I got curious. How exactly do man-at-arms fare against other feudal age units? Is it cost effective to research man-at-arms, after a few militia were left? What units should I make in combination with man-at-arms, so as to be as cost effective as possible?

So what I did was: I spent the better part of today writing a python script that would simulate battles for me.

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The cost of walling

wallingI recently stumbled upon a problem: to what extend or even if I should wall in dark age or early feudal age. When I was walling and tried to do the standard strategies, I was always short on resources. One reason is possibly my sloppy play, but I still wanted to know how much of it was due to me trying to be safe and palisade up half my base. When is a good time to start walling? how long does it take to wall completely?

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AOE2 Feudal Age Timing

fuedal timeTiming is of utmost importance in AoE. Especially on higher levels. Every build, every strategy using resources gets really tight and there is just a small window when things work out. Otherwise you are screwed. If not completely, then just a bit behind your opponent. On lower levels, I guess, good times are not that important. More important is how efficient you are with your villagers and resources (taking boars, pushing deer, correct villager positioning around lumber camp). But that’s for another post.

Okay. Let’s talk Feudal age click up timing, as that’s the first huge milestone in the game. What’s a good time to click? What can you tell about the opponent’s strategy from their up-time?

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