franksFranks are considered the most boring and weakest civ by some. They put on them the badge: “one-trick-pony”. They are not my favorite civ, but I still like them more¬†than aztecs. In my eyes, the aztecs are the one trick pony – drush into crossbows into elite eagles or die. Franks get so much more – strongest knight line, gunpowder, trash and a weird unique unit ūüôā It’s true, they are not as versatile as chinese or byzantines and they are more predictable than most of the other civs, but they are a solid choice in my opinion. Their bonuses and techs are all geared toward one unit – knights. Everything else is there only for support – and that’s where the variance comes from. You¬†have the option of¬†trash, hand cannons, throwing axeman or even champions. Cysion already did a good overview of them, so I won’t go into too much detail this time around.

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Celts are another civ cysion didn’t cover on his aocbox website. I will try to be more thorough again this time around. Celts are a weird civ. I always have trouble which direction should I go with them, since in each age they have different strengths. For some civilizations there is a direct path to take: like with franks – going knights or mayans – go archers. No such thing for celts.

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Byzantines were my favourite civ, when I knew nothing about the game really and just played for fun. I thought they were the strongest one, because of the full tech-tree. Only technologies I did not understand at the time were missing. I haven’t played much with them since, so it’s a good thing cysion already did a really good overview of them here. I can be brief again.

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Next up in my barbie beating quest are the britons. It is one of the civilizations that was not covered by cysion on his website. On the aoe¬†strategy center, there is an article about them, which¬†is¬†pretty detailed, but very old. The worst, it lacks images. You got to have some nice pictures. They are pretty and stuff… Anyways, I will try to be more thorough this time.

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aztec_banner¬† Next in my quest against barbie are the aztecs. They are considered one of the best civilizations on arabia thanks to their strong start and on arena because of their overpowered monks. They are classified as an infantry and monk civilization. Which is spot on in my opinion. I’m going to be pretty short again with the overview. Cysion has written up quite a good analysis about them already: aocbox.

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Huns are one the most played/hated civ there is. Also it is the most fun/boring one. People playing them exclusively even got an offensive nickname for it (hun …hmm… escorts). In my opinion they are quite fun civ to play. They give a few options, how to play them. The strongest and most played strategies are either scouts-to-archers-to-castle age-cavalry archers or drush-fast castle-cav archers. But there are many more possible approaches, which makes even the start quite interesting compared to an aztec arena war, where you try not to blink for the first 15 minutes. You can do towers+skirms, towers+men-at-arms, full trash, directly archers, drush to archers, drush-skirms-tarkans and many more. Keeps you on your toes.

Cysion already did an excellent overview of them including some anti-meta strategies. It’s a good read, I recommend it. Resonance22 also started to process those anti-meta games in his new series: Aoe2: Break the Meta. Incidentally the second game he has covered include huns:

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