Franks drush+fc castle drop

french castle

With chinese I did a strategy, that would have been completely useless against hardest barbie. If done right, that strategy would work wonders against real players. With franks I wanted to win again against hardest. And this strategy with franks probably works better against hardest barbie than against real people. Hardest barbie just gets scared when they see a frank castle. You can see a lot of yellow wet spots on the grass while they retreat when the castle is up.

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Chinese power flush


Not so long ago robo posted on reddit a power strategy for mongols doing 3 archery ranges. With mongols I think it’s a bit easier, since they get the amazing hunting bonus, and having less on food enables more villagers on wood. I wanted to do something similar with the chinese. Unfortunately they don’t get any dark age bonuses to help them. The only bonus they might get if lucky, that they can be 1 villager ahead compared to other civs. I have been struggling with this strat a lot. I managed to beat hard barbie with it, but I don’t know if it would work against a real player. It’s futile to try this against hardest barbie, since thanks to the cheating he’s always able to out-mass me without a hit to his economy. Not to mention it hits feudal age at 9:30 with chinese.

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Fast-drush to FC


I have seen somewhere this strategy, where the guy went really early on wood and for the boars and built the barracks even before the mill. I was impressed by how early his drush arrived at the enemy base. The players were even really close, so it was exceptionally early. I lost somewhere that recording unfortunately, when I switched notebooks. I had a rough sketch of it, and I tried to reconstruct it. Here comes nothing!

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22 pop forward


Byzantines are my current civ in my barbie quest. Byzantines are probably one of the worst civilizations to drush with. They get no eco bonus or military bonus to help their drush. Byzantines have their strength early game starting feudal in cheap trash units. So I wanted to do something like fast feudal this time and I also wanted to try something new (at least for me), and not just a 23 pop double archery range. It’s really hard to defend initially against barbie early feudal age, when he does 21 pop up double range and pumps out 20+ units instantly with his cheated extra resources. So I wanted to try forwards this time. It’s a bit cheating if I do a tower as well… But oh well, barbie is cheating, too.

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Drush-flush 2 ranges (28 pop)

drush + 2 ranges

In my quest beating the hardest barbie, with the britons I wanted to try a new build/tactic. Britons have strong scout rushes and drush to fast castle, but I already did scouts with the huns and drush+fast castle against hardest barbie is suicide – for me at least. Because of his cheating the initial amount of units in early feudal is staggering. No, no fast castle yet. I wanted to try drush and flush tactics. In a mirror setup it’s not the strongest strategy with britons, but in a non-mirror setup the faster working archery ranges (20% faster ranges team bonus) makes this strategy viable, I think.

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Aztecs drush+fc


In the barbie quest I just couldn’t be bothered to play against the hardest right now. Somehow too demotivated to play against it. This drush+fc works like charm against the hard barbarian, though.

With huns the 22 pop is almost guaranteed to work out without major issues. Not so lucky with following build orders with aztecs. It is really hard to follow a build order with them and not change a single thing. Way too many variables: easy to lame a boar or get lamed, need to always drop off resources, lag, boar timing, closeness of wood etc. It’s a good civ to train to be flexible with the build orders.

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Huns 22 pop


There are many ways huns can be played. If there is a meta, then it is the 22pop into scouts transitioning into archers and early-ish castle age. I think everybody over 13xx voobly or 17xx HD knows this build order. I’m not sure though, if everyone knows how to follow up after they click feudal. I didn’t know. Not until clemensor came along and taught me. Let’s jump into it.

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My 28 pop conquistador build

castle_conqsAfter doing the math about mining stone this morning, I wanted to test it out in a real situation. My most favorite unit in the game by far is the conquistador. Somehow it matches my preferred style of raiding in small groups, but I always kinda mess up the build. So, after a little testing and trying to minimize the movement of villagers between resources here is my 28 pop conq build:

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Japanese man-at-arms rush (21 pop)

japsmataI really like the japanese civilization in AoE2. They are not the go-to civ for any scenario, map or match-up. Their strongest suit, the infantry, is considered second best to aztecs and maybe goths. Their navy is considered 3-4th best after the vikings, huns and persians. They are not the best, yet they are pretty good all-around. I think the main reason they are underused is because how unbalanced the game is towards infantry in castle age. The knights and crossbows combination is just too strong and I have yet to see a game with long-swordsmen. I think that’s enough for introduction. I will leave analyzing civilizations and units for a different time. What can be done with an infantry civ?

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