Even longer time, no siege and Captains mode

I’m not dead 🙂 yet. I have been programming a lot, I went to japan, quit a half job, started a new half job and enjoyed a bit of life. Sometimes things just happen all at the same time. Funny thing. When I went to japan, there was a shrine or temple with court filled with little pieces of paper tied to strings. They were some kind of prophecies. So I took out of a little box a folded one myself and it said something like: “Brace yourself, changes are coming”. Little did I know, how correct that was. Still feels like I’m only halfway until the storm blows over. Not that I believe in prophecies Kappa.

Now that you know, I’m not dead. Here is what has been happening. Robo has been amazing and organized tournaments with Captains Mode almost by himself. Kudos to him! On captains mode front – I rewrote the almost the whole backend so it’s not hackable and I moved to a new server http://aoe2cm.net . We also had a few problems, some very good suggestions and criticism that made me think.

One problem I saw with the site, that often somebody would just join a game, when he should’ve just spectated it. So I redid the home page, so spectating and joining is separate sections now.

The two most important changes though are more about the mechanics of the the captains mode. There was a lot of confusion and misunderstanding about the hidden option. The way it worked until now was hard to explain. So I changed it. Now every turn can be either hidden or not, and there has to be a special turn, which would reveal it. Easy to explain, and hopefully easy to grasp.hidden turns

The other important change in mechanics is what happens, when the player times out or chooses random. Until now it I just left it on random if it was a pick, and let the players choose random in-game. That was a mistake. This system should be closed, and not rely on the game settings.random turns I don’t think there is a way to check, if somebody really chose random, or full-random or team-random. So I changed this, so that the system itself generates a random pick also considering the bans of the other player.

On the aocstats front: I was thrilled it got featured on aoczone and reddit. I’m grateful for all the guys spreading news about it (looking at you iViktorious, Clemensor, ZeroEmpires and others) and I’m really grateful for the donations. I’m currently in the process of moving it to it’s own domain. It will be aoe2stats.net , when it’s done. Hopefully, I will have time to extend it even more, with civilization availability lists, upgrades and such for units.

Lots to be done. I hope I get to play a bit, too 🙂



Long time, no siege! Over 3 weeks now. Time flies by, when you are busy. This is just an update post of what’s been going on. First of all I’m sorry it took me so long to get back here. For my defense my laptop was toast for the better part of it. The system totally broke down, so I had to reinstall it. Even after that, it kept crashing randomly every hour or so. After a few days I loathed even the thought to turn it on and do some work. After two weeks I figured out the reason – a third party modified USB3 component in my laptop that made native windows drivers crash for whatever reason. I found an iffy driver for it, and I haven’t had a crash in a week. So I was back doing more interesting stuff!

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22 pop forward


Byzantines are my current civ in my barbie quest. Byzantines are probably one of the worst civilizations to drush with. They get no eco bonus or military bonus to help their drush. Byzantines have their strength early game starting feudal in cheap trash units. So I wanted to do something like fast feudal this time and I also wanted to try something new (at least for me), and not just a 23 pop double archery range. It’s really hard to defend initially against barbie early feudal age, when he does 21 pop up double range and pumps out 20+ units instantly with his cheated extra resources. So I wanted to try forwards this time. It’s a bit cheating if I do a tower as well… But oh well, barbie is cheating, too.

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Byzantines were my favourite civ, when I knew nothing about the game really and just played for fun. I thought they were the strongest one, because of the full tech-tree. Only technologies I did not understand at the time were missing. I haven’t played much with them since, so it’s a good thing cysion already did a really good overview of them here. I can be brief again.

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Saracens vs bonuses against buildings mess


So I watched a Spirit of the Law video after a long while presenting saracens. As usual I got mad at the fonts (just hate comic sans style fonts :D, but that’s because I’m a programmer). And I also got mad about how he presented the attack bonuses. I was almost sure he was wrong. Turns out he was right… It was just way too simplistic for my taste hiding the real math behind the situation. So I got mad even more at myself this time and wanted to dig up the real stats. And I found a huge heap of mess in AoE concerning buildings. Here is what I’ve found:

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Drush-flush 2 ranges (28 pop)

drush + 2 ranges

In my quest beating the hardest barbie, with the britons I wanted to try a new build/tactic. Britons have strong scout rushes and drush to fast castle, but I already did scouts with the huns and drush+fast castle against hardest barbie is suicide – for me at least. Because of his cheating the initial amount of units in early feudal is staggering. No, no fast castle yet. I wanted to try drush and flush tactics. In a mirror setup it’s not the strongest strategy with britons, but in a non-mirror setup the faster working archery ranges (20% faster ranges team bonus) makes this strategy viable, I think.

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AoC stats


Another weekend gone without playing :D. Not that I’m disappointed. For a long time I’ve been using this to find out statistics about units. It was created by the net angel clan members and it’s really old. There are some mistakes and I got frustrated with it a while back now. I was just waiting for an empty weekend to do something about it. The result is here. During my data mining using the genie editor and aok heaven website I found quite a few very strange and interesting things. Things I wouldn’t have expected.

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Next up in my barbie beating quest are the britons. It is one of the civilizations that was not covered by cysion on his website. On the aoe strategy center, there is an article about them, which is pretty detailed, but very old. The worst, it lacks images. You got to have some nice pictures. They are pretty and stuff… Anyways, I will try to be more thorough this time.

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Captains mode update

Come summer, life got more busy than usual. This weekend I had finally time to work properly on the Captains mode. I think it’s now usable for a tournament. It needs real testing first and foremost. I can only guess, if the default settings will provide enough of a variance of civilization choices. It also needs to be tested by people who didn’t work on it. I got to be sure it’s easy enough to understand and easy to use, so that it won’t piss off teams. Read on for the list of changes.

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Captains mode

I didn’t have much time to write here, since I moved all my stuff here. The main reason for moving: I had nowhere to host my own stuff – including captains mode. WordPress allows to have only blog. I needed to have access to the backend as well. Since the move I mostly worked on captains mode. It was fun, and still is. I had and have a chance to work with awesome people, like _Taff. I didn’t even play that much, so my barbie quest got a bit postponed. So what’s this captains mode?

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