Contributing to aoe2stats

The past half a year I was off the grid and there was no-one to fix bugs in stats for the site, or update the home page for captains mode ( I don’t want these projects to fade, when I don’t have the extra time to work on them. Last couple of weeks I’ve been working towards making contributing to my aoe2* websites easier. In order to help out, earlier, you would have to had known about web servers (nginx), databases (postgre, mysql), different programming languages (php, javascript, html), tooling (npm, gulp, bower, git, …), even before getting started. It would also require knowledge, how to set them up on a local computer. Even getting the whole stack working might have been a bit of issue. Most people don’t use linux, where it’s a tiny bit easier. There are still some things you would need to know, but hopefully I managed to reduce the number of required things to a minimum. (The next part is going to be a bit techy, I’ve tried to add explanation to techy terms 🙂 ) . If you don’t want to get into coding, just jump to the I’m not a programmer section.

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Franks drush+fc castle drop

french castle

With chinese I did a strategy, that would have been completely useless against hardest barbie. If done right, that strategy would work wonders against real players. With franks I wanted to win again against hardest. And this strategy with franks probably works better against hardest barbie than against real people. Hardest barbie just gets scared when they see a frank castle. You can see a lot of yellow wet spots on the grass while they retreat when the castle is up.

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franksFranks are considered the most boring and weakest civ by some. They put on them the badge: “one-trick-pony”. They are not my favorite civ, but I still like them more than aztecs. In my eyes, the aztecs are the one trick pony – drush into crossbows into elite eagles or die. Franks get so much more – strongest knight line, gunpowder, trash and a weird unique unit 🙂 It’s true, they are not as versatile as chinese or byzantines and they are more predictable than most of the other civs, but they are a solid choice in my opinion. Their bonuses and techs are all geared toward one unit – knights. Everything else is there only for support – and that’s where the variance comes from. You have the option of trash, hand cannons, throwing axeman or even champions. Cysion already did a good overview of them, so I won’t go into too much detail this time around.

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Chinese power flush


Not so long ago robo posted on reddit a power strategy for mongols doing 3 archery ranges. With mongols I think it’s a bit easier, since they get the amazing hunting bonus, and having less on food enables more villagers on wood. I wanted to do something similar with the chinese. Unfortunately they don’t get any dark age bonuses to help them. The only bonus they might get if lucky, that they can be 1 villager ahead compared to other civs. I have been struggling with this strat a lot. I managed to beat hard barbie with it, but I don’t know if it would work against a real player. It’s futile to try this against hardest barbie, since thanks to the cheating he’s always able to out-mass me without a hit to his economy. Not to mention it hits feudal age at 9:30 with chinese.

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Fast-drush to FC


I have seen somewhere this strategy, where the guy went really early on wood and for the boars and built the barracks even before the mill. I was impressed by how early his drush arrived at the enemy base. The players were even really close, so it was exceptionally early. I lost somewhere that recording unfortunately, when I switched notebooks. I had a rough sketch of it, and I tried to reconstruct it. Here comes nothing!

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Celts are another civ cysion didn’t cover on his aocbox website. I will try to be more thorough again this time around. Celts are a weird civ. I always have trouble which direction should I go with them, since in each age they have different strengths. For some civilizations there is a direct path to take: like with franks – going knights or mayans – go archers. No such thing for celts.

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