Micro against mangonels

mango_micro_teaserIt’s still Easter and still had a bit of time on my hand. I really love to do math. Simulations and calculations are all very interesting, but there are just some things, that are impossible to model. Hardest of it all is micro. I can do all the right calls concerning upgrades, mass military unit, but it’s all for nothing if I can’t control my army. By control I mean patroling, formations, army placement and against higher skilled players more and more micro. So I wanted write about something different than math this time: microing against a mangonel. I have really no idea how to do this the right way. This is just how I do it and maybe You can correct me.

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Man-at-arms and the Lanchester’s Laws

Battle_najera_froissartYesterday I might have went overboard with the whole testing stuff. I just got excited about the whole simulation script. Numerous times during the testing I was faced with the problem: when does it get cost-effective to do some upgrade? Is there a formula or a speculative calculation, that would tell, when is a good time to upgrade stuff? If I am going man-at-arms without drush, when will it be worth it to queue more militia and when it would be better to research man-at-arms?

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Man-at-arms vs the world

After the last post about man-at-arms, I got curious. How exactly do man-at-arms fare against other feudal age units? Is it cost effective to research man-at-arms, after a few militia were left? What units should I make in combination with man-at-arms, so as to be as cost effective as possible?

So what I did was: I spent the better part of today writing a python script that would simulate battles for me.

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aoemataAfter the build I found for japanese man-at-arms rush(see last post), I wanted to try out the japanese on land, too. I have already used them previously in Wololo HD tournament, but only on water maps (baltic, mediterrean, etc). To me, for some reason, they seemed to give more freedom in strategy compared to vikings.

Even though I didn’t have time to play much recently, I did choose the japanese for two games I played in the tourney. Once on Arabia and once on Coastal (the map was awful, so I didn’t even dock). In both cases I was up against Mayans. Which is a nightmare, if you think only in terms of civilization categories. Archer civilization vs infantry civilization. Thankfully in both cases my opponents had terrible maps. Almost worse than me… I decided, what the hell, let’s try something I can’t remember if I did before and go forward. First drush, then towers, man-at-arms and skirmishers, just as it was recommended for the japanese build. Well… I failed. Kind of. I won both games with a bit of luck, but they made me think. What are the man-at-arms even good for? Is it even worth to upgrade?

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Japanese man-at-arms rush (21 pop)

japsmataI really like the japanese civilization in AoE2. They are not the go-to civ for any scenario, map or match-up. Their strongest suit, the infantry, is considered second best to aztecs and maybe goths. Their navy is considered 3-4th best after the vikings, huns and persians. They are not the best, yet they are pretty good all-around. I think the main reason they are underused is because how unbalanced the game is towards infantry in castle age. The knights and crossbows combination is just too strong and I have yet to see a game with long-swordsmen. I think that’s enough for introduction. I will leave analyzing civilizations and units for a different time. What can be done with an infantry civ?

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The cost of walling

wallingI recently stumbled upon a problem: to what extend or even if I should wall in dark age or early feudal age. When I was walling and tried to do the standard strategies, I was always short on resources. One reason is possibly my sloppy play, but I still wanted to know how much of it was due to me trying to be safe and palisade up half my base. When is a good time to start walling? how long does it take to wall completely?

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AOE2 Feudal Age Timing

fuedal timeTiming is of utmost importance in AoE. Especially on higher levels. Every build, every strategy using resources gets really tight and there is just a small window when things work out. Otherwise you are screwed. If not completely, then just a bit behind your opponent. On lower levels, I guess, good times are not that important. More important is how efficient you are with your villagers and resources (taking boars, pushing deer, correct villager positioning around lumber camp). But that’s for another post.

Okay. Let’s talk Feudal age click up timing, as that’s the first huge milestone in the game. What’s a good time to click? What can you tell about the opponent’s strategy from their up-time?

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Let’s get ready to rumble!

So, first post… It’s always hard to start doing new stuff. It’s even harder to keep doing it and keep coming back to it. Over the years I’ve played a couple of games, but none of them could suck me in for a longer period of time.

That is until Microsoft decided to make a reboot of the old Age of Empires II series and release it on Steam. I only played that game as a kid, as everyone. Only a couple of times with people. Then one thing led to another, and WW3 broke out…. Just kidding. No. I played with a couple of friends, and found out people were still playing it. Even competitively.

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