Life’n’stuff CM & stats


I wanted check in. Just to do an update post, that I did not abandon this blog.

Life has been busy lately. When I get to have some free time in the evening I’m already braindead. Instead of playing AoE2 I chose to read. Sanderson’s Stormlight Archive is cruelly addictive. Check it out.

Even though I didn’t play I still work on the Captains Mode and Aoe2stats. It’s something I will not stop doing. I kinda feel responsible now, that I’ve created them. I want to improve, fix mistakes and just help in this small way others enjoying this game. I did a biggish update on the stats website on the graphics side. Tried to make it more mobile friendly and easier to maintain. I’m happy how it looks now, but it really needs performance improvements on mobile phones. I will do that first, then add the available techs for each unit after. I think many people would like that. That’s the last major feature missing, before the stats website could compete with Taff’s Aoc knowledge base.


One great thing happening on the captains mode front is the African Kingdoms showcase. I’m very grateful to robo to consistently featuring Captains Mode in these tourneys. I think this tourney through Resonance22 stream and youtube gave captains mode much needed coverage with the HD community and feedback for me. It’s hard to imagine what’s going to cause problems for other people. I’m really grateful for everyone involved in this showcase: robo, Resonance22, nC guys, Spring’s team. Your testing, feedback and comments are what takes this captains mode idea further. Thanks!

Just to give a sneak peak, on what’s coming next for Captains Mode: translations, restructured hosting part, improved civ picker and demo, and hopefully more and more tourneys. Fingers crossed.

For now I put the barbie quest on hold until I finish my dissertation. Hopefully I can get back to it in 2-3 months when it’s done. In the meantime, stay tuned for more stats and CM updates.  If you have any comments about CM or stats, just post here or on aoczone (cm, stats).



  • Josiah Salter

    Looking at AoE2stats, for the petard it doesn’t make note of their attack bonus vs wolfs. You also spelt castle as ‘Caslte’ 🙂

    • aocpip

      i fixed the spelling, but I can’t find any mention of them having bonus vs wolfs :O where did you hear that?

      • Josiah Salter

        They have a very large attack bonus vs wolfs. I have tested this however only on HD and do not remember how many thousand + damage it is. It was used on zombie scenario maps to break the game so they had to use triggers to disable them hahaha.

  • Zort

    Very nice job with aoe2stats, very useful (much more useful than the AoC Knowledge Base ;)). One obscure point of contention: it says gates have 10/10 armor, and “sometimes gate parallel to the bottom right edge has 0:30 bt”. However, looking with AGE I would say gates have 6/6 armor, gates parallel to the bottom right edge have 10/10 armor, and I have no idea what your “sometimes” qualifier means (in my quick testing, it seems like an “always”).

    Did you programmatically parse the data from empires2_x1_p1.dat, or did you copy it from somewhere and edit it yourself?

    One dream feature would be to calculate how many seconds a given unit with given upgrades takes to kill another given unit with given upgrades. For example, it’s useful to know that unupgraded knights kill a villager with Loom in 5 hits, while Forging reduces that to 4.

    • aocpip

      Thanks. I will look into that gate thingy. No I did not parse the .dat files myself it myself. try googling aoc genie editor. It gives you a somewhat complicated interface.

      I tried to do that emulation of unit vs unit before. Unfortunately it only works with small numbers with no ranged units involved. Will try to add that as well 🙂

  • Thomas

    Hey thanks for your great work. I started playing online AoC a few days ago for first time 🙂
    Just played it a lot earlier in my childhood where we had no internet. Recently, I recovered AoC and im attached by it again … Nice information here.

    • aocpip

      thanks. It’s been on-and off for me as well. Been very busy with life past half a year or so. It’s starting to get better, want to get back to it as well 🙂