Fast-drush to FC


I have seen somewhere this strategy, where the guy went really early on wood and for the boars and built the barracks even before the mill. I was impressed by how early his drush arrived at the enemy base. The players were even really close, so it was exceptionally early. I lost somewhere that recording unfortunately, when I switched notebooks. I had a rough sketch of it, and I tried to reconstruct it. Here comes nothing!

The general idea is: get 3 militia out as soon as possible and hit the enemy even before he manages to build his own militia or wall up. From there you could do the same things, as with any other drush: drush-fc, drush-flush. Although I found it easier to do a drush-fast castle from this.

So how do you achieve all this? First of all you have to take boars earlier, otherwise there won’t be enough food for villagers and militia. Secondly you build the mill after the barracks. Also having 5 on wood initially helps. At the beginning it’s quite tight on wood, so it helps to be celts – the civ I played it with. I think that’s enough for the intro. The build goes roughly like this, though it’s probably not entirely optimal.

6 on sheep
1 boar
4 on wood
1 build house then barracks, then food/gold
1 wood (5 in total)
1 gold then berries
3 on berries
From here the same as you would with any other drush base strat – either all on food for a flush, or
3 on wood
rest to farms when you can afford them, until then stragglers
3 on gold

Click up around 31-33 population based on your map. You might want 1 extra on wood and 1 waller, just to be safe. With this you can get up to castle age the usual time – 16:30-17:30. That’s it basically it. There are a few problematic parts to this – like what if you don’t find your boars in time. This is just an optimistic variant. For the other variants I just improvise mostly, but still build the barracks before the mill.

In my experience you can afford to build the barracks just after 5 minutes – a minute earlier than usually. That’s around the time it takes to get to the enemy base. The opponent is in for quite a bit of a surprise. I did manage to win against hardest barbie with a variation of this strategy. But that time I went 33 up, went heavy on stone, reached castle age around 17:30 and put up a defensive castle, then raided with crossbows and boomed a bit. Then I dropped a castle on a very nice hill next to hardest barbie defended with a few mangonels and skirmishers and went to imp. In imperial age onagers, a few trebs and a few woad raiders cleaned up everything. Easy game. Unfortunately I didn’t have record game on, I only screenshot-ed the achievements. That kill-death ratio, though :D. That huge drop in his military numbers is the point where I put down the forward castle.

barbiewin_celts barbiewin_celts_military


I only have a recording here against hard barbie. Not my best game, but hopefully it’s okay to show off the build: fastdrush . I only wanted to play a quick game to record the build order for this post. I don’t follow the build exactly – usually I improvise quite a lot. This time I only went for a tower early on my forward gold and double range. Reached castle age before 17 minute, started raiding with a few crossbows then just microed away. At the point when I built the siege workshop it was long over and I stopped playing seriously. Anyways, I would still welcome any pointers, where to improve. Some of the mistakes I was aware of in game, because I tried really hard to not mess up the build :D. Later I just didn’t care – that’s probably bad :

  • idling scout too much – should scout more even after feudal
  • building an extra house before the barracks – should’ve had earlier barracks – still started building ~5:15
  • very late to build the siege workshop – should’ve done it before doing extra TCs
  • I forgot to mine stone for the TC after I built the tower
  • my army control was a bit sloppy, not using stances properly and not watching all
  • building placement just a nightmare
  • when I did build the siege workshop I picked the worst position ever

Anyways, I hope this build does inspire you to experiment with it! I would like to see other people do it.

In my barbie quest next up are the chinese – one of my favourites – only if the start wasn’t so awkward. Good thing in the forgotten they get the teuton bonus of extra TC line-of-sight. I like that change very much, but it kills some of the suspense and fun. Until next time!