aztec_banner  Next in my quest against barbie are the aztecs. They are considered one of the best civilizations on arabia thanks to their strong start and on arena because of their overpowered monks. They are classified as an infantry and monk civilization. Which is spot on in my opinion. I’m going to be pretty short again with the overview. Cysion has written up quite a good analysis about them already: aocbox.

aztecs_techtreeLet’s look at their bonuses first. Villagers carry +5. This bonus is quite useful in feudal age and late dark age, but at the start it is a pain in the ***. Especially in a laggy game. I have to drop off manually every time to guarantee continuous villager production. This bonus also means that the farmers work more efficiently and 3 villagers are enough to fully eat a deer.

Loom free. This usually means that an aztec player will basically be 1 villager ahead similar to mayans. This also enables the 5 militia drush.

Military units created 15% faster. Another great bonus that helps a lot in dark age, early feudal and early imperial age. They just pump out units that much faster initially. Basically while other civs train 6 units, the aztecs produce 7.

+5 monk hit points for each Monastery tech. All in all monks can have 95 hp with this instead of 30 (or 45 with sanctity). They just become beasts that can survive bombard cannon shots. I remembered this game with Viper vs Yo in polaris series, where viper tried to counter the turk fast imp with fastish imp and monks on black forest. Classic! Here is a VOD of it as well:

aztecGoing through the ages, aztecs are very good in dark age, early feudal and early imperial age. Other times they might struggle and have to use their early advantage to do damage in my opinion. Their unique unit is not the greatest either – jaguar warriors. They have a bonus against infantry, but still lose to teutonic knights and the samurai. In combination with eagles they can work quite well – eagles countering archers (the weakness of jaguars) and jaguars countering the man-at-arms line (the weakness of eagles). The only nightmare for this combination is the knight line. No real counter there.

aztecs_weaknessesLet’s have a look at their other weaknesses. The biggie here is the lack of stable and halberdier. They have no answer to mass paladins in the late game. In small numbers their monks could do something about them. They lack all the gunpowder units and their building (no masonry pierce or architecture – each +1/+1 armor, +3 building armor and 10% hp bump), especially castles are very weak (lack of hoardings – +20% hit points). Also their archers are not the best after late castle age missing thumb ring (100% accuracy and faster firing rate)  and ring archer armor (+1/+2).

All in all, similarly to huns they are an aggressive civilization. They have to push they advantage early, otherwise they might struggle.

With them I wanted to try to do drush + fast castle against barbie. They should be ideal for this. Let’s see how barbie handles drushes!