Huns are one the most played/hated civ there is. Also it is the most fun/boring one. People playing them exclusively even got an offensive nickname for it (hun …hmm… escorts). In my opinion they are quite fun civ to play. They give a few options, how to play them. The strongest and most played strategies are either scouts-to-archers-to-castle age-cavalry archers or drush-fast castle-cav archers. But there are many more possible approaches, which makes even the start quite interesting compared to an aztec arena war, where you try not to blink for the first 15 minutes. You can do towers+skirms, towers+men-at-arms, full trash, directly archers, drush to archers, drush-skirms-tarkans and many more. Keeps you on your toes.

Cysion already did an excellent overview of them including some anti-meta strategies. It’s a good read, I recommend it. Resonance22 also started to process those anti-meta games in his new series: Aoe2: Break the Meta. Incidentally the second game he has covered include huns:

Huns are classified as cavalry civilization. And they are one, indeed. They get all the upgrades for cavalry. The only non-unique mounted unit missing is the camel. They are fast civ at the start thanks to their bonus to of no houses. Their stables work 20% faster, they are the rulers of the feudal age. But you have to play aggressive with them, otherwise one might struggle in later ages. Their defenses lack a lot of technologies. Apart from the hussar their trash is missing the last defense upgrades. They are way too dependent on their mounted units. They don’t even get arbalest to counter mass halberdiers, they have to fall back to the dirt-cheap cavalry archers (but mounted again) or skirmishers. Here is a very good overview of their bonuses from voobly knowledge base. (hope they don’t mind me borrowing it):


With Huns everything is geared towards aggressive gameplay with fast moving units and sniper trebuchets. You cannot turtle much with them. They only get masonry (+10% hp +1/+1 armor and +3 building aromor) for stronger buildings. They lack gunpowder units with the exception of cannon galleon (but no elite either). hun_techsAt least you can pressure from water after you have won it. But they don’t get any kind of bonus on water, but thanks to the no-house-bonus they can be fast on water initially. In later ages they might struggle. It’s a nice thing, though, that the galley line and the archer line share the same attack upgrades.

Their monks are not the best. Atheist nomad bunch. Only strong gods like¬†Huitzilopochtli allow their believers to convert enemy buildings! No such treat for nature loving shamans. Those shamans couldn’t even write on paper and needed wooden sticks and knife to carve messages. Maybe their invasion was completely misunderstood. Maybe they just wanted to do some marketing in whole europe throwing out flyers with an arrowhead on the end for weight. Fun asides, no block printing for them (+3 range for monks).

I think that’s enough of an introduction. Cysion has already written an excellent overview of them. I recommend that for anyone wanting more.

I like this civilizations. Aggressive and fast. There are dangers to playing them much, though. Everytime I play them, I get lazy, and switching to other civilization means I’m constantly housed.

I’ve already beat barbarian hardest once with this civ and already posted the rec. In the next post I want to cover the build clemensor taught me, which I used to defeat barbie many times on hard. After that, finally time for another civ in my quest. I think I’m going to go in alphabet order now – next up Aztecs.

  • I like hun wars because I think it’s the most diverse of the mirror matchups on arabia. In contrast, you pretty much know what’s going to happen in a mayan war on arabia.