Huns 22 pop


There are many ways huns can be played. If there is a meta, then it is the 22pop into scouts transitioning into archers and early-ish castle age. I think everybody over 13xx voobly or 17xx HD knows this build order. I’m not sure though, if everyone knows how to follow up after they click feudal. I didn’t know. Not until clemensor came along and taught me. Let’s jump into it.

The basic build order until feudal goes like this (my version):

1-6 sheep
7 lumber camp+wood
8-9 wood
10 boar
11-12 sheep (2 on sheep and 7 on boar, after the leftovers of the sheep are eaten, go to boar)
13-16 mill + berries (lure second boar in the meantime with one of the boar-eaters)
17-18 sheep (do 2 farms with weakest villagers when there is enough wood)
19-21 wood (I usually also build a second lumber camp with the 20th)

Okay, so everybody knows this one or a variant of it. But I don’t think different variants matter much as long as the TC is never idle and you can do it comfortably while scouting or luring deer. Luring deer helps immensely in early feudal. Now to the part I didn’t know and I just made up as I went along.

The economy should be rebalanced after I click feudal:
2 on farms
4 on berries
4 on sheep/deer
11 on wood

The 11 on wood need some explanation. I send 10 to wood to my lumbercamps and leave 1 on stragglers around the TC. Based on how much wood I have I either use this villager or one from the berries to build the barracks, when I’m around 30% up to feudal. I think the normal is 10 on on wood, but I started to do this extra 1, because it helped me get the eco upgrades and stable right away, when I hit feudal. This might not be completely optimal, and maybe if I had more efficient lumber-camps it won’t be necessary.

The moment feudal I hit feudal I do 3 things straight away in this order: build stable, research double-bit axe, research horse collar. After I clicked horse collar I start to lay farms whenever I can afford them. The new villagers go to stragglers until they build their farms. I continue doing this until I have 14 on farms+berries. After that the new villagers go to gold and wood if needed. More than 10 on wood is only necessary imho if walling in the meantime or forced to do skirmishers/spearmen to defend. But at that point I already re-balance my economy based on near-future needs.


On the military side in the meantime I keep doing scouts. If I remember correctly, clemenesor said around 8 scouts comes the point to decide if do bloodlines or save up gold for fletching. According to chris, given I’m still doing damage with the scouts, bloodlines start to pay off after 6 scouts. The first armor upgrade after 8 and first attack after 10. But the attack/armour upgrades depend on what purpose the scouts serve: killing villagers or fighting archers and skirmishers. For example there is no point upgrading the armor only to fight spearman. One would better off with +1 attack and killing them faster, since they have so huge bonus against cavalry.

Around 8 scouts usually comes the point when I also already have an archery range or two and start producing archers/skirmishers from two ranges. I just keep at it and keep sending villagers to gold until I have 8-9 there and able to click up to castle age. Tony (guitarizt) should know the exact times when to do what the most efficiently. Just tune in his stream one day :).

I think the only hard part about this strategy is to know when not to do it. This strategy is extremely aggressive and one has to do damage. After castle age the hun cavalry archers and knights are just way too strong. So where is the point when it’s worth to save up some resources or wall a bit, don’t do military and go up faster? I don’t know. Guess that’s down to experience and proper scouting. I still have to work on that.

  • Clem

    I said 8 scouts, because most of the time people who go with 7 scouts are aiming for a faster up time and thus want to save the 150 food for click up. Very nice write up though 🙂