My 28 pop conquistador build

castle_conqsAfter doing the math about mining stone this morning, I wanted to test it out in a real situation. My most favorite unit in the game by far is the conquistador. Somehow it matches my preferred style of raiding in small groups, but I always kinda mess up the build. So, after a little testing and trying to minimize the movement of villagers between resources here is my 28 pop conq build:

  • build 2 houses with 2 villager (spanish bonus), scout with 1 villager
  • 6 to sheep
  • 4 to wood
  • 1 to boar
  • 1 build house and mill
  • 1 to sheep (total of 8 on boar)
  • 3 to berries (last one builds a house)
  • 2 more to food under the TC (make farms when wood is available)
  • 3 to new lumbercamp
  • 2 to gold (pop 23-24)
  • 2 to stone (pop 25-26)
  • 2 to wood
  • click FEUDAL (somewhere before do loom)
  • after up build with 2 villagers a market and a blacksmith with 1
  • 2 created villagers go to stone
  • 2 market builders goes to stone
  • the blacksmith builder goes to gold
  • click CASTLE – The economy balance in this moment should be 9 on wood 6 on stone 3 on gold, 5 on farms 6 on berries, rest on deer/stragglers, keep adding farms after doing horse collar…

After clicking castle, research horse collar and double bit axe asap. If you can afford it also stone shaft mining. This build should work with standard resources without deer. It should give just enough stone to build a castle after the castle age research is done. While the castle is getting built add 2 more on gold (total of 5) and leave only 2 on stone (so you can build more TCs soon).

After having tried this a few times, I could consistently reach castle age before 16:30 and every time after I forced dropped off the stone I had enough to build a castle. Just to be completely safe, you could move 1 villager from gold to stone (6 on stone, 2 on gold) and after reaching castle age, move him back. 5 on gold should allow constant conquistador production for a while (theoretically you need 8 for constant production or 6-7 with gold shaft mining). Rest of the villagers should be distributed between farms and wood and 2 on stone. In 20 minutes you should be already be able to reach enemy base with 4-5 conqs and kill some villagers. All this while adding more TCs, booming, constantly producing villagers and conqs.

What’s your conq build? Is it similar? Could mine be improved? Let me know in the comments!


Changed the build order a bit after testing further, and after robo’s comments. Thx! The changes:

  • move 6 to stone instead of 5 before clicking up
  • in case you have no deer, instead of seeding 2 more farms (7 in total) send 2 more to berries – 5 on farms 6 on berries (without these 2 vills on food I was short on food)

Also check out robo’s build in the comments! It’s a very good one. Here is an excerpt

6 food, 3 wood, 1 house-boar, 1 wood, 4 berry, 3 food, 5 wood, 2 gold, 3 stone FEUDAL 2 to stone, 3 from sheep to make bs+market CASTLE 2 go to stone, 1 to gold, then move another 2 to gold once u have 600 stone (~%70 castle age)

  • roboboro

    I would never do stone shaft mining, you need as much food as possible for conqs as they are expensive, but strong units. saving the 100 food is almost 2 conqs, and the wood saved is an extra farm. I’ll test the build and report back 🙂

    • roboboro

      Using your build (playing as saracens so no building speed increase) I had a 16:13 castle time and castle was built by 18:20 using the 5 vils from gold. Could easily have been 20-50 seconds faster if I took some vils off wood and been spanish. Had the eco for wood upgrade and 4 vils created and 250 food still left over for ‘conqs’

      Firstly I think everyone should consider having an extra vil on stone (6 instead of 5, probably taken from wood) would be better so you can get extra tcs up faster, mainly for added defense, rather then vil production, as you will struggle to keep just 1 tc + castle going as well as eco upgrades.

      If not then you want to use all your wood on farms asap, so take vils off wood/stone once castle and make more farms, minimum 12 in total should be reasonable when you hit castle, and then just keep making farms with new vils or sending to wood as you suggest.

      • roboboro

        ok. Using a different build, as spanish this time :), I had a 17:36 completed castle with 2.5 completed vils, 1 queued vil, bow-saw completed and 220 food in the bank. that is 570 food used/stored at castle completion.

        6 food, 3 wood, 1 house-boar, 1 wood, 4 berry, 3 food, 5 wood, 2 gold, 3 stone FUEDAL 2 to stone, 3 from sheep to make bs+market CASTLE 2 go to stone, 1 to gold, then move another 2 to gold once u have 600 stone (~%70 castle age)

        I would change it slightly, you only need 8 on wood, not the 9 I had. so that would be one more on food, so eco upgrades can be done slightly faster and more farms can go up faster. Less wood wouldn’t be too bad as i had ~500 wood once hitting fuedal with 5 farms.

        • Thx for the build!

          I used to do something similar with the gold and wood at the end of the build. But I always had too much wood, and sometimes very tight on gold. So I started switching it up, and sent 2 to gold earlier.
          Also it made adapting to the actual situation easier – if I had good deer, then I could go up without creating 1 or 2 wood villager in the end and just move some if needed from sheep.

          With the last 3 villagers on stone – theoretically it would be enough to have 4 on stone from feudal age onwards. But again, the extra 1 vill as you said won’t hurt with the timing and extra TCs afterwards.

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